Daily Prompt : Risky


Life is risky anywhere

You either walk through a forest

Or you climb a mountain



“She’s pretty!”

I’ll never be as pretty

Like my silhoutte

The way hair falling off the shoulder

As if she’s some moviestar

And the way her fingers move

Looks like she’s got all those grooves


As soon as I’m infront

Of a mirror

All I see is a shell

A shadow

A ghost

Of some past


And I know I’m not a princess

Nor do I want to be

But my silhoutte

will be always prettier than me.

Daily Prompt : Ascend


The tires screeched loudly and the bus stopped at the road infront of me. I looked around in the scorcheing May noon. The corn crops were slightly swaying as a light air passed through the stillness.

He wasn’t still here.

I tried not to sigh loudly as the door of the bus opened. The driver was an old man and he was looking at me questioningly. I bit my lip and pulled my straw hat on my head and stood up from the small bench at the bus-stop.

I thought of calling but that would be not right. And anyways, he gave his phone to his brother, when he joined university.

I still remember Dean’s grin when his brother got the call from Stanford. I smiled toothily and the bus-driver looked at me oddly. This was the effect of Dean on me. I shake my head and took my backpack. I started ascending to the almost desolate bus, when I heard the familiar rumble of my favourite car. I stopped on the stairs and turned around.

Admist the corn-fields, there was a small dusty path and a black car was rushing through that path, flying dust everywhere around.

My eyes went a bit blurry ; maybe it was the dust or my tear-ducts, maybe it was both.

The car stopped at a distance and a blonde head popped out.

On seeing the freckled green-eyed grin, my eyes started flowing freely and I hurriedly went inside the bus and rushed towards the nearest window and swung my torso outside it.

His eyes seemed a bit glossy but my own were teary so I might be wrong too.

We just stared at each other as the bus pulled out. He sniffed a little and my heart twitched a bit more.


I took in a long breath and steadied my nerves and then looked at him and waved wildly with two middle-fingers. He started cackling and I could hear him even as I boarded the plane.

Inspiration: Supernatural /Dean Winchester

Daily Prompt : Cloaked


Initially it felt as if my mind is cloaked in a big black blanket

And I was falling like Alice in the hole

Except the hole never ended 

Nor was it adorned by lamps and tea-pots

Some-time after I thought I had escaped

Somehow like Doctor Who

But boy oh boy

As always, I was disillusioned

Lost in my own illusion

And now?

The calender says its has been a few years

But I feel as if I’ve been cloaked since I was beared