BTS : #1 Out of Sleep

the pink walls from my childhood

are no more familiar

the grey noons of high school

are coming back in dreams

i used lay down on the grass

but now i can only feel the cold

seeping through my bones 

and soul 

to everyone i hold close

i scream and shout 

and they call me crazy weirdo

i am so tired 

the voices and people alike 

drain me from myself

and when i open my eyes 

it’s still






They say unseen pain
Is actually unreal
But if they could see
Inside me
It would be only
A remainder of me


Only Kisses

She was still, on the floor

Tears down her soft face 

No lights were on 

Windows all shut

I cursed myself for not checking on her before 

Tip-toeing around the shards of her favourite vase,

I put a blanket around her 

And sat down to pick up the pieces of the vase,

When I finished I saw her looking at me with a blank stare,

Pushing the cry down my throat,

I bundled her in my arms and went upstairs to the roof

The sky went from grey to black, but the hue of red was there all along,

And when she spoke finally, 

It was almost dawn,


I only had my kisses to offer to her.


Castles in the air

Standing on the top of the hill

I looked around to hold something

The wind was harsh 

Could topple me over 

Then I saw a pair of hazel eyes 

And all of a sudden 

It felt as if I was among the clouds 


Thorny Heart

pulling up her skirt 

she sat before them 

caressing the cactus 

like she does him  

she knew it’s going to hurt 

the thorns never betrayed 

it had come with a warning 

but what she didn’t knew 

that he was more poisonous 

and packed in a waffle treat



fine or okay?

the clock reads something 

but the sun feels soft 

the bedsheets are rough 

but his hands are not 

the sun is getting stronger 

i guess i’ll be late again 

but his hands won’t leave 

and i feel okay